Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well last night I had my seminar with Dr. Suh. He spoke about all the different types of surgeries and about obesity in general.
Most of the information I already knew from my research there were a few things I didn't but was more about what he does, for
example he wont give a gastric to anyone over 61 years of age, or a smoker that he feels wont stay a non-smoker, he  would offer a sleeve instead.

I have 2 more of his "classes" pre-op education &  a support group. Im not sure how I feel about the support group just because I'm not one to open up face to face to someone that I do not know.  Speaking of support groups the one I created for everyone is picking up  which is very encouraging.

I have been messing with recipes I found online and I have made some great food! Im super excited that my surgery day is approaching fast.
I have been posting some motivational pictures and they are sooo inspirational!  I think my biggest obstacle is drinks, I love water but  sometimes I want something different. I have been drinking diet soda but I don't drink  a bunch of them just maybe one or a half of one, I just bought some crystal light and so far they are ok I need to find flavors that I like.

I haven't messed up on my  high protein NO carb diet. So far I have lost about 8 lbs in a week!! I'm proud of that it may seem small but think about all the calories  I have lost!

I may post some of my modifications to recipes, for others :D

Night bloggers

Saturday, January 21, 2012


As of Jan 19th. I have officially been approved for weight loss surgery. I had my eval. and I passed. She said she would be faxing everything over in the morning. So now I am preparing, gathering things I will need for the "BIG DAY." I bought some pj bottom since I get really cold when I am not feeling well & just in general. I got them 1 size up so that they are nice and loose. I will be getting a robe( if mine doesn't have the rope) some slippers, chap stick, travel size lotion, travel size tooth paste, travel size deodorant, travel size mouth wash, some rubber bands for my hair, god knows it will be a hot mess haha. I will look at look for some other things, I might get some baby wipes to keep clean, since it will be a 2 night stay.

Im a little unhappy with some of the groups I joined, being a newbie I feel like no one is as apt to being supportive. I have gotten some support but no one really makes an effort. I guess I was expecting more. I created a support site because of it and its going ok.. I thought more people would want a safe place to post everything. Groups on FB are nice but it gets bogged down with pictures and old messages that people comment and it covers the news ones and at the same time everyone is separated by what they had done... The site I created is to bring everyone together in one place, we may not experience all of the same things but at the same time we do. I'm still excited about it  I will be adding links to peoples blogs for more support. I feel that I just care so much about people I want them to have a place of their own where its just all about them and their big journey.

I am currently filling my MP3 player  with tons of music. I know I will spend time alone so it will be a nice outlet. IDK if they will let me have my laptop but I have my fingers crossed, although I'll prolly be too out of it to use it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last minutes worries...

Tomorrow I have to go to get a physic evaluation. I was pretty confident about it until I saw a post about one.
A lady had posting a status in a group that I joined for WLS patients.  She posted that she met with her surgeon again
and he postponed her surgery for a YEAR, due to her evaluation. She has Kaiser like I do and I have to meet with my surgeon
again as well, so not I am stressed over it. I am scared that if I do not " pass" that mine will be postponed as well. In my condition
I really cant afford that. I've worked so hard and I feel to have it all taken away over some feeling is not right.

I understand be mentally healthy but at the same time we are all there because we have an issue weather it's an addiction to food
or if we have gained over lack of movement due to being lazy or an injury.  If someone needs more therapy  require it and then
proceed with the issue at hand.

 At this point I am worried and just hoping all goes well and that I do not break down.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It is required that I go to one support group. I am nervous about it since I am a private person, but at the same time its nice knowing I am not alone. I wanted an outlet where I can talk about everything and others without having to go anywhere or to look for others in my area and possibly go out maybe have a support group in a home environment with WLS friendly food and not be tempted by the bad stuff.

So I created a social networking site just for WLS patients. You will have your own personal profile that you can make your own, you can upload as many pictures as you want and get all the positive feed back. I know that FB is great and there are other sites but it doesn't bring everyone together. I know there are different types of surgeries but we will all have something similar,we have to eat the same take the same vitamins. I wanted everyone to feel safe for those who want the more private support.

Website: WLSFamily.com

I am hoping to gets more people to join, I know starting it the hardest part.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fighting Temptation

Yesterday was my 1st day on the no carb high protein diet. So far I have done great but certain foods are still sooooo tempting.
Today was potatoes for me and I have resisted temptation. I think that each day will get easier. I mean Its been almost a year since I've had Mac & Cheese and before I could swear that not eating it was a crime!

Fighting the temptation will get easier I know so I just have to hold on and stay strong and remember my goal.
I know I will fight temptation all the time so if I can handle it now I know I will be able to later. My goal is so important
to me that I know with that in mind and all the love and support from my family and friends I will have no issues.

Well gonna go watch a movie with my babe and do some graphic work!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby steps

 Yesterday I was approved for WLS ( weight loss surgery). I spent weeks stressed about about not getting approved. I had those "what if "thoughts  much more than I should have and more than what I wanted. I freaked my self out so bad worrying that  every little thing would almost make me cry. When I went to see the surgeon we had to watch a video about people who had taken the big step and what  their lives are like, watching it almost made me cry. Not so much about their story but because I was worried I would not be able to get it since I did not lose the 10% as we were told to.

With my mom by my side we talked with Dr. Suh and about getting the band,  Since I am only 22 with no kids & I want them. He said the sleeve would be the best since they have found that about 15 years into wearing the band it tends to have to be taking out, or something goes sour with it & also my weight loss would not be all that much.  We kept talking about it and I agreed and am much happier with my decision.

I am still in shock about everything that it has not really sunk in. My 2nd cousin had WLS and she looks amazing! I looked at her b4 and after today and I realized that I am gonna get pretty small, which is new for me. I've always been thick and then when I hurt my back (2008 I was 18) I kept gaining wight. As my banner says this is all gonna be real and uncut, I have nothing to lose, just more weight :D

My starting stats.

Age: 21 (22  Feb 28th)
Height: 4'11
Weight: 250lbs
BMI: about 50

So I am taking my baby steps as my surgery date approaches. I cannot wait to to take this big step in my life and be a happier  HEALTHIER NEW ME!