Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well last night I had my seminar with Dr. Suh. He spoke about all the different types of surgeries and about obesity in general.
Most of the information I already knew from my research there were a few things I didn't but was more about what he does, for
example he wont give a gastric to anyone over 61 years of age, or a smoker that he feels wont stay a non-smoker, he  would offer a sleeve instead.

I have 2 more of his "classes" pre-op education &  a support group. Im not sure how I feel about the support group just because I'm not one to open up face to face to someone that I do not know.  Speaking of support groups the one I created for everyone is picking up  which is very encouraging.

I have been messing with recipes I found online and I have made some great food! Im super excited that my surgery day is approaching fast.
I have been posting some motivational pictures and they are sooo inspirational!  I think my biggest obstacle is drinks, I love water but  sometimes I want something different. I have been drinking diet soda but I don't drink  a bunch of them just maybe one or a half of one, I just bought some crystal light and so far they are ok I need to find flavors that I like.

I haven't messed up on my  high protein NO carb diet. So far I have lost about 8 lbs in a week!! I'm proud of that it may seem small but think about all the calories  I have lost!

I may post some of my modifications to recipes, for others :D

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