Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last minutes worries...

Tomorrow I have to go to get a physic evaluation. I was pretty confident about it until I saw a post about one.
A lady had posting a status in a group that I joined for WLS patients.  She posted that she met with her surgeon again
and he postponed her surgery for a YEAR, due to her evaluation. She has Kaiser like I do and I have to meet with my surgeon
again as well, so not I am stressed over it. I am scared that if I do not " pass" that mine will be postponed as well. In my condition
I really cant afford that. I've worked so hard and I feel to have it all taken away over some feeling is not right.

I understand be mentally healthy but at the same time we are all there because we have an issue weather it's an addiction to food
or if we have gained over lack of movement due to being lazy or an injury.  If someone needs more therapy  require it and then
proceed with the issue at hand.

 At this point I am worried and just hoping all goes well and that I do not break down.

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