Saturday, January 21, 2012


As of Jan 19th. I have officially been approved for weight loss surgery. I had my eval. and I passed. She said she would be faxing everything over in the morning. So now I am preparing, gathering things I will need for the "BIG DAY." I bought some pj bottom since I get really cold when I am not feeling well & just in general. I got them 1 size up so that they are nice and loose. I will be getting a robe( if mine doesn't have the rope) some slippers, chap stick, travel size lotion, travel size tooth paste, travel size deodorant, travel size mouth wash, some rubber bands for my hair, god knows it will be a hot mess haha. I will look at look for some other things, I might get some baby wipes to keep clean, since it will be a 2 night stay.

Im a little unhappy with some of the groups I joined, being a newbie I feel like no one is as apt to being supportive. I have gotten some support but no one really makes an effort. I guess I was expecting more. I created a support site because of it and its going ok.. I thought more people would want a safe place to post everything. Groups on FB are nice but it gets bogged down with pictures and old messages that people comment and it covers the news ones and at the same time everyone is separated by what they had done... The site I created is to bring everyone together in one place, we may not experience all of the same things but at the same time we do. I'm still excited about it  I will be adding links to peoples blogs for more support. I feel that I just care so much about people I want them to have a place of their own where its just all about them and their big journey.

I am currently filling my MP3 player  with tons of music. I know I will spend time alone so it will be a nice outlet. IDK if they will let me have my laptop but I have my fingers crossed, although I'll prolly be too out of it to use it.


  1. Congrats on your date. Mine is Feb. 21 as well!! Thanks, I feel like most groups on FB its like I'm late in the game so no one is all that supportive, but there are lots of newbies and I hope that with the site it will offer everyone love & support no matter what surgery they are getting.

    Haha :D Its ok we all have lives outside of the internet.

  2. Cool!! We can be surgery sisters!! Twins! Starting our new lives with our new sleeves on the same day!! :)

  3. Woohoo :D * happy dance time* YAY We will def. have a lot to talk about :D