Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1 week post op Surgery info

I have gotten tons of questions about my surgery and what to expect. I got the Gastric sleeve Feb. 21 2012.

The day before:

The day before surgery was an all liquid diet. I could have creamed soups, which is what I ate all day. I had to drink Magnesium Citrate. So I had lots of restroom time. At Midnight I was not allowed to eat or drink anything. The magnesium taste like .. well shit. I had a lemon flavored one and it tasted like a bubbly house cleaner. I took big gulps of it to get it down. It started working within about an hour. Before bed I had to take a shower with antibacterial soap. I made sure to scrub my tummy pretty well to make sure it was clean.

Day of surgery 

The morning of surgery I had to take a shower with antibacterial soap again. I dressed in some PJ's and slippers and headed to the hospital. When we arrive to the hospital we had to pay our co-pay and then it was the waiting game. Once I was called back they had me sign papers and verify information. The RN  had me change into a gown and socks. When I did I had to use a special wipe that had a stronger soap on it. They gave me 1 wipe for each are, leg, tummy and back. After I got into bed they put my IV in with some medicine to help my tummy. Then allowed my mom to come back and sit with me until I went to surgery. The anesthesiologist came back and asked a few questions and told me they could give me some medicne that would help my nerves, so I asked for it. They wheeled me into the hall and gave me my " I don't care medicine"  It started working pretty fast. As they wheeled me into the room the other doctor introduced himself and asked to verify my name and birth day. After which he put a mask on me and told me to take a deep breath, I remember taking about 3 and it was lights out.

Waking Up:

As I started to come to the RN would ask about my pain level and to scale it (1-10) I remember telling her each time it was a 9.  I had a button to push to give me pain meds but  I don't remember a whole lot. When I was more awake they allowed 1 person to come back and my mom was the 1st. I wanted to cry I was so happy to see her.  Then they allowed my dad back to see me. At the moment my room wasn't ready but they needed to head home because my dad had to work in the morning. They allowed me to make phone calls off my cell which I did. Come to find out I was slurring my words really bad.

About 20 minutes later I was being wheeled into my room. It was a private room. I pretty much slept. The Rn would come and check on me every few hours ask about my pain and if I felt sick.

Hospital stay:
My RN told me that being a sleeve patient I will get nauseated a lot and to let her know right away if I was.  My very first night I was not allowed to drink anything. The next morning the surgeon came in and told me I can have ice chips and checked my incisions.
He said if all goes will that the next day I would get more liquids and could possibly go home. About Midnight I did walk. I felt like my tummy was hanging and walking with a catheter was a little hard. So I took my time and only walked maybe 40 steps or so. I took it very slow. 

Ice Chips:

When I was given mu Ice chips I was told that I had to spoon them into my medicine cup and could only use 1 cup at a time. The reason is so they can measure how much I am getting.  I kept them down. Sadly I did puke 1 time.  I will admit it was a weird sensation when I they hit my tummy. I had lots of burps as well.

Last day:

The next morning the surgeon came in to check on me and said that I would be getting broth and juice, I got apple juice first and it tasted soooo yummy and went down so smooth. I had to wait till lunch for the rest of my items but I was ready to leave, so when it came I tried 2 medicine cups of each item and kept them down. I asked my nurse If I was able to go home since I felt fine and was in no pain. She said yes and unhooked my IV.

When I arrived home I took a shower and had some broth. Then went to bed. I still take it slow. I drink my broth from a cup, less air. I purchased a cup of noodle and just drink the broth it has 7 grams of protein. I drink 1 a day, 1 10oz protein shake and the rest of the time it's water. I do eat jell-o and Popsicle's.  

I hope this covers  everything :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Before pictures & Reese's Cup protein shake

 So I have been meaning to upload my before pictures. So here they are. I weighed 243 in the photo's, but my original weight was 250. So as you can see lots of lumps and bumps, that I will be working hard to to get rid of except the bumps that should be there haha.

Reese's Cup Protein shake

1 cup  Silk Pure Almond Milk Unsweetened
 Few ice cubes  (optional)

Bleand/ or shake

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chocolate Almond Delight

This is my 1st recipe I though I would share it's super yummy and could almost be sinful!

Chocolate Almond Delight

1- 2 scope(S): chocolate protein powder
1 cup: Silk Pure Almond (Unsweetened)
2TBS: Sugar Free Chocolate Torani Syrup
& a few ice cubes

Blend & enjoy.

Please know you will get more chocolate then almond, for more of an almond flavor you can add almonds to it, just remember you may not like the texture if you do.

4 Days post op & random thoughts

So I am currently 4 days post op and I feel for the most part normal. I still get gas pains but not as much. I swear by Gas-x chewables they have been my best friend. I have been home 2 days so far and its an adjustment being on just liquids for a week. The one thing I am working on is making sure I get in all my water. I purchased some premade protein shakes, since we aren't allowed to use the blends quite yet I figured they would be easier for me this week. I purchased Muscle Milk, from Wal-Mart about 6.48 for a 4 pack. They have 20 grams of protein & only 3 sugars.
I went a head and purchased all 3 flavors not knowing which I will be able to tolerate and so far Vanilla & Chocolate I can drink. :D I will say this, they aren't the best tasting but they get the job done for the week.

My battle scars are healing ok. I personally scar easily so 2 weeks post op I will be applying Merderma & coco butter to help lessen the appearance of the scars. I am getting more excited to work out. I have to wait to get the ok, which I think is about 3-4 weeks out I can start a light work out. Dr. Suh really wants us to heal well before we do anything to make sure we are ok and the the incisions are healed. Last thing we want is to have to be back in the hospital for busting an incision.

I keep thinking about the end result and I'm really thinking on trying the " It Works" to help with the extra skin. I have seen some of the results and they are great. I personally can not afford plastic surgery to correct all the excess skin. So I am hoping between working out ( a lot) and the " It works" I can tighten up some of the skin!

Weight in:

Starting weight: 250lbs

Surgery Day: 243.6

Current: 230.2

Friday, February 24, 2012

There is no place like home!

Yesterday I came home from the hospital and it felt so great to sleep in my own bed! I also loved not having to get poked at 6am for blood work.

My surgery went well not complications. The next day he had me try ice chips and I kept them down for the most part. I had some nausea the day the surgery and some the next day. I did throw up twice but was fine after that, BTW throwing up hurts!!! I personally didn't do a lot of walking outside my room. But I got a lot in since I was peeing soooo much! haha My RN said I was super hydrated sice my urine was practically clear haha Yestday as I said I came home and ate a little, Showered and went to bed. The hot water felt amazing on my body, it relieved so much tension.

Sorry about all the rambling here is the great news:

Starting weight : 250
Pre durgery weight : 243.6
Current weight: 233.2

Total loss since surgery: 10.4 LBS!

Night before/ morning of: (FEB 21)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

surgery morning!!!!

Its the morning of my surgery and I'm not sure what I'm feeling. Although I feel like I'm missing something... hmmm. I am currently mobile so if there are some funny words in here its the damn auto correct. I will have to send a better update when I'm on my computer. I posted a vlog last night and when I'm on the computer I will post a lie. So for now I'm gonna catch some zzz's and update when I'm n the losers bench! Love you all and.good luck to all this getting a pouch today and congratulations to those who.got it today!!!
happy losing

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 Days!AHHH

Well there is 2 days before my surgery! I am so excited and so ready to have it done! I am not as nervous as I thought I would be, I'm feeling GREAT! I think my only "worry" is the gas. I know that it causes a lot of pain, which I know I will have to walk and get rid of most of it.  I have been trying to walk around the house more to help with the walking in the hospital. As of yesterday I am on a new diet till tomorrow, I currently can't have red meat, pork or lettuce & come tomorrow I will be on an all liquid diet.

We have  everything planned for my hospital week, while I am gone my sister is gonna make my room surgery friendly. I have 2 dogs and they shed like crazy so she is going to vacuum my room really well and change my bedding to the new one I just bought to lessen the hair. I worry about it getting in my wounds. I know they will be "glued" shut but you never know & this is my 1st surgery so I am just being cautious.

Today we are gonna celebrate my 22nd birthday. My mom normally makes me a dinner of my choice, which is always sea food ( Shrimp, Scallops) Since I cant't have pasta we are not gonna make it and use sliced up carrots, broccoli and red pepers (i think) and make that like a salad, we got me a jello with some cream in it and we are calling is Cake. Then on my actual birthday (Feb 28th) my mom is going to make Menudo ( its a Mexican soup, with tripe & corn) Since I will be on liquids I will have the broth & the rest of my family will eat it as normal.

There isn't anything new besides the diet change and how close it is. So this entry will be short but I will have a V-log up tomorrow or later today! The day of surgery I will have a 2 posts, one will before and one will be from after. I may do a video while in the hospital but I am not sure yet.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Hate Relationship.. The SCALE

Weighing yourself  is hard, some do it everyday and others throw it out. I personally weight myself every week.  As much as weight shouldn't be important it really is. It makes sure your staying on track, and the scale will hold you accountable. With weighing yourself you should do it in the same outfit every time. Once you are no longer able to wear it find another and weigh yourself in the 1st out fit then the new one and see what the difference is, sometimes there will me a small difference in weight.

If you are someone who weight themselves everyday.. STOP you will rive yourself insane doing it. Weight fluctuates through out the day. Weight yourself 1st thing in the morning after you go potty.  Some days you might weigh a pound more because you may still have food in your digestive track. Don't stress about your weight. Weigh yourself 1 time a week or every other week! This will also help with your stress levels.

If you gain a little bit of weight go back and review what you did and see where you might have slipped. DON'T EVER GIVE UP!

<3 Bree

Saturday, February 11, 2012

1st vlog & stress

Besides the vlog I wanted to talk about Stress!! Stress.. We all have it but  we don't need it especially now. Stress will prevernt you from losing weight and can even make you gain. When you have those moments where stress is too much.. stop take a breath and try to calm yourself. Money will be an issue for most people and one HUGE stress factor, If you stop and really think about the situation rationally most of the time it isn't as bad as it seemed.  If it is that slim chance that it is pretty bad  just go over finances and cut some things out to help. For example if you have a $200 light bill get ride of the extras, such as Netflix, a subscription to a magazine, dont buy the expensive meat you like instead get whats on sale or make dinners out of what you already have. There is tons that you can cut back on.
I know there is alot of stress when it comes to family and friends, which in some situations is soo tough sometimes you have to push those feelings aside and do what you need to for you. I know that some people's parents don't approve that it's the " EASY WAY OUT"  and for those who have been through it are going through it know it isn't!  When that happens don't stress over it things will get better. You have to try your best not to stress. Remember this is about YOU not them. This is YOUR life not theirs. If its a friend cut them out you dont need crap in your life.

I personally only have like 4 friends that support me and that are really my friend. When shit happens the ones that love you and are your friends will be there with you no matter what. For those who need more support I do want to say I'm here and will be supporting you 100% NO MATTER WHAT I PROMISE!
If you need to vent about things talk to a friend, spouse, someone from a support group that your close with, record a video on the computer and let it out, go to the beach and just get lost in the waves (your mind), go to the gym and work it out.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Last appointment

Today was my finale appointment with my surgeon. The appointment was quick he was just verifying everything and answering any questions we had. After my 3 minute appointment we had one to go register at the hospital and that was a little bit of a longer process but it was pretty simple. Filled out paper work, had my weight and height taken, blood pressure and a nasal swab taken to look for some sort of infection. I had to do 1 practice breathing exercise which was easier than I thought.

Today has been one big reality check its 100% official it is no longer a dream but a reality and I could be more excited. I'm looking forward to being able to help out some of the pre-op members for my website.  I can honestly say that I have never been more ready or excited for something as I am now.

I went and purchased a lot of the surgery items, I got pj bottoms in 1 size bigger so they are loose, I got some comfy slippers since I will have to walk, got some panties I tired to get some dark ones since just about everyone lady gets her period right after, I got a small roller bag and I will be packing my laptop my phone W/ chargers and  then some general toiletries. I have dogs that shed so I have kept all my surgery items in a place that would be less likely to have their hair.  My biggest worry is getting a hair in my wounds, I know they use the glue but you can never be too careful.

I will also be getting my room & house surgery ready, making sure there is nothing on the floor I could trip over, making sure all the laundry and bedding is extra clean same with the bathroom & the shower. The last thing you want is an infection or getting sick since the your immune  system will be down due the trauma.

For those who are struggling, you can do it, if you have to eat out just make a better choice, YOU CAN DO IT, NEVER GIVE UP!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Friday

Crazy weekly closure & some extras..

The past 2 weeks have been crazy, I haven't had anytime to sit and blog. The week has finally came to a close and that means time to sit relax and prepare for the upcoming week and surgery.My surgery date is approaching so quickly. I'm doing really well with my all protein diet. I had one slip up forgetting that a burrito I liked had potatoes in it, I still only ate the inside so it wasn't as bad.  Right now tuna, chicken, have been my best friends. I have found ways to even eat out, for right now.  Today I went to Del Taco and got their macho combo burrito, which is ground beef, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, & some sauce I scrapped the inside on to a place and got a bean and cheese cup and  that was my meal. A few days ago we had Wendy's I got their BLT Cobb (full size) with a dry grilled chicken sandwich and add the chicken to the salad and it was really tasty and I didn't even half I was full. I tried Carl's JR chicken salad and it was awful and there was no meat in it. The other were protein packed and tasty. We don't really eat ou, it mainly happens when we have a trip for doc appointments, we are never sure on how long it will take us and I haven't found something that I can take with me that will keep for a while. I have lost weight even with the eating out. The 1st week of this diet I lost about 8LBS I haven't weight my self yet.

Monday (Feb 6) I have a support group meeting, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  I think not knowing how they are and then the sterep types on the t.v. makes me not want to go but I have to. I think in the end I will be glad I did. Maybe meets some people.
WLSFamily.com  is my baby right now. I have things planned for it even with the rude remarks some WLSer have messaged me about it.
I have some  goodies for giveaways in the works!!

Any who, I want to say congrats to those who just had surgery and to those who are about to! Please know that I am here to support all of you!

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