Saturday, February 11, 2012

1st vlog & stress

Besides the vlog I wanted to talk about Stress!! Stress.. We all have it but  we don't need it especially now. Stress will prevernt you from losing weight and can even make you gain. When you have those moments where stress is too much.. stop take a breath and try to calm yourself. Money will be an issue for most people and one HUGE stress factor, If you stop and really think about the situation rationally most of the time it isn't as bad as it seemed.  If it is that slim chance that it is pretty bad  just go over finances and cut some things out to help. For example if you have a $200 light bill get ride of the extras, such as Netflix, a subscription to a magazine, dont buy the expensive meat you like instead get whats on sale or make dinners out of what you already have. There is tons that you can cut back on.
I know there is alot of stress when it comes to family and friends, which in some situations is soo tough sometimes you have to push those feelings aside and do what you need to for you. I know that some people's parents don't approve that it's the " EASY WAY OUT"  and for those who have been through it are going through it know it isn't!  When that happens don't stress over it things will get better. You have to try your best not to stress. Remember this is about YOU not them. This is YOUR life not theirs. If its a friend cut them out you dont need crap in your life.

I personally only have like 4 friends that support me and that are really my friend. When shit happens the ones that love you and are your friends will be there with you no matter what. For those who need more support I do want to say I'm here and will be supporting you 100% NO MATTER WHAT I PROMISE!
If you need to vent about things talk to a friend, spouse, someone from a support group that your close with, record a video on the computer and let it out, go to the beach and just get lost in the waves (your mind), go to the gym and work it out.

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