Friday, February 24, 2012

There is no place like home!

Yesterday I came home from the hospital and it felt so great to sleep in my own bed! I also loved not having to get poked at 6am for blood work.

My surgery went well not complications. The next day he had me try ice chips and I kept them down for the most part. I had some nausea the day the surgery and some the next day. I did throw up twice but was fine after that, BTW throwing up hurts!!! I personally didn't do a lot of walking outside my room. But I got a lot in since I was peeing soooo much! haha My RN said I was super hydrated sice my urine was practically clear haha Yestday as I said I came home and ate a little, Showered and went to bed. The hot water felt amazing on my body, it relieved so much tension.

Sorry about all the rambling here is the great news:

Starting weight : 250
Pre durgery weight : 243.6
Current weight: 233.2

Total loss since surgery: 10.4 LBS!


  1. Hi there! It sounds like you are doing amazing. You've already lost that much weight .Fantastic!! I'm glad your surgery was successful with no complications. Congratulations and good luck for your future journey!!