Monday, March 19, 2012

1 month!!(2 days early)

So Wednesday is my 1 month post op! I am super excited to start making meals. I have tons of new ideas and recipes, that I can't wait to share!!! So far eating has been ok, as my 1 month started to approach it got easier to eat. Supplements are  another story, I haven't been taking mine ( i know shame on me) but a lot of things with flavors have been upsetting my stomach. So now that I am 1 month it is my goal to take most/ all of my supplements. I haven't been doing my shakes either, but I get dehydrated very easily and want to make sure I get my H2o  in and I make my shakes with almond milk.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND SKIPPING SUPPLEMENTS & PROTEIN SHAKES!!!

So today,  I ate 2oz of chicken ( I snagged it from my mom), and it is sitting very well in my tiny tum! I think the hardest part is not drinking while I eat or after. I want to wash it down so badly but I wait the 30 minutes, or close to it.
My weight loss is pretty on track, I will be weighing in tomorrow!!

I will post some new recipes really soon!!
Congrats to those who just has surgery and to those who just celebrated a Surgversary !