Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2 Weeks Post -op & Group info

So im 2 weeks post op and feeling ok. Im still sore and tired. I do get spurts of energy through out the day, so I do get a happy medium. There isn't much to update I haven't weighted in yet,but I am super excited to come Monday.

Group info:

The support group website is up and running again. It is really simple to use and for those who aren't tech savvy I did provide codes that can be used on there. You will be able to put a custom background. There is a chat room and a video chat room. I have plans for some webinars using the Video chat room. I will ask some speakers at different stages to come and chat. The room is password protected and the password is provided on that page. I will also be asking some graduates to come and possible write an advice/Motivation section on the site.

The site is free, private and created just for you! Your spouse/significant other can join as well

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  1. wow! That is so impressive that you put together a whole website?! I will have to go check it out. I"m glad you're doing well at 2 weeks out. That is awesome!!