Saturday, April 7, 2012

Half way there!

Well I'm about 6 weeks out and my weight is dropping as quick as my waist line! AHHH Its exciting yet scary. Everyday I feel more empowered and more like a sexy ass woman! I have never had issues with my curves and have enjoyed them, and I hope not to lose to much of them. 

My weight goal is about 145ish, which  is about 105 lbs to lose. It's a lot to lose and I am so dedicated to lose it. Im ready to be the fit sexy lady I have always felt I was/am. 
My NSV ( non scale victory) is to be able to wear the heels I love the be able to shop in stores I have always wanted to. I know I will get there and I am just taking it day by day, once step at a time.

Lately I have had a lot of issues with heartburn/acid reflex, its painful, it is more in my throat then my chest and when I swallow it feels like a needle stabbing my throat and it burns. :(
So on my next appointment I will be talking to my doctor about it.

My current stats:

Start weight (highest): 250lbs

Surgery day: 243.6 ( I lost the 6.4 lbs the week before)(2/21/12)
Current: 211.2 ( As of 4/6/12)

Start pant size: 22
Current pant size: 18 ( Still a tad snug but not by much, b4 I could get it past my thigh)

Total lost: 39lbs, 66 lbs to go.

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