Friday, May 11, 2012

Where oh where is Breanna?? Hello you still with us?

Hey everyone, I know its been a while since I posted last and have been promising pictures. I did post one on twitter but haven't posted anything more and I apologize. So it's 10 days before my 3 month surgiversary and so far I have lost  55lbs but tons of inches. I am in onderland, 195.0 and down  2 bra sizes, down a pant size or 2 & with tops well those are tricky.

Starting stats:

Weight (highest): 250lbs
Surgery day: 243.6 ( i lost it the week before of my surgery)
Tops: 3x
Pants: 22/24

Current Stats:
 Weight: 195.0
Top: 1x/2x ( Im still very busty so  tops are hard, but I can wear a Juniors dress, i own one , & a 1x semi stretchy top)
Pants: 18 ( they fit better if they are semi stretchy due to my pooch other wise i look like a sardine)

Right now in my eating I can only have :

All Sea food, Chicken, & Turkey, Eggs, Potatoes, All Cheese, All fruit except grapes & raisins  & All veggies!
Come 5/21/12 I will be able to have red meat, which Im excited about, turkey burgers aren't all that good lol

So where the hell have I been, well I've been super busy working on my own business, making sure I'm on track with my health and recently we had a  death in the family so we took a trip to New Mexico. If any of you ladies what to  keep it contact with me add me on facebook:  It is my personal account but I feel close to those who are sharing this experience with me and even those ahead of me. :)

So here are my picture you have been waiting for, the ones in the water are from New Mexico so VERY recent.

Day of surgery:

Easter 2012
May 1st 2012

 May 6th, New Mexico

May 4th 2012

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  1. You are doing awesome!! You look wonderful. I loved the pictures. I especially love the one of you in the water!!!