Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MIA?? 6 months

Hey everyone I have been MIA for months now and Im sorry, life has changed so much for me that I have tons to share. Today is officially my 6 month post op and wow what a change! I am down 77 lbs and smaller then I've ever been.

Starting weight: 250lbs ( YIKES!!!)
Goal Weight: 140- 150 ( A goal I set for myself)
Starting Pant size: 22/24
Starting Tops: 3X in womens
Starting bra size: 48DD

Weight: 173lbs (OMG)
Pant Size:  between a 14 & 12
Tops:  1x in Juniors && about a Large/Med in women
Bra size: 40DD
Goal: The same

This was taken when I was 5 months post op, huge difference. I think I was down about 65lbs here, not 100% sure

I was in my WLS support group and someone posted them in a pair of jeans in 1 leg, and I thought I would see where I'm at && well I fit in 1 side as well!!! These jeans are a size 20, I've had them for years and they had always fit me perfectly, until close to my surgery they started to get extra tight!

The funny thing about this photo is the shirt I'm wearing is the same shirt from my 5 month phot and look how baggy it is on my. Mind you Im not wearing a bra but a bikini top, YES a BIKINI top!! 

So where have I been? Well I have been working on starting my own business. I've always wanted something that was my own and that I love, but with my back it was never really possible, since surgery my back has gotten some what better, I get sore quicker and more often, but at the same time i cant be mad since I've had it for 4 YEARS! So this is 4 years of pressure releasing, so I feel it is to be expected. So  it has kept me busy, and also keeping on track with my food and trying to stay cool in this bipolar summer weather.

Food, I think the 4th stage for me has been the hardest, and at that stage is you can eat pretty much everything BUT.. bread, pasta, rice, tortillas ect. && that I feel was my biggest struggle, I love pizza and not being able to even have a better version KILLED me... but I stuck with it, Marie Calendars was my life saver,  as well as PF Chang's. From Marie Calendars, I would get the Salisbury steak, which has the steak, potatoes, && broccoli and cheese &&& let me tell you OMG amazing! From PF Chang's I would get beef & broccoli, amazing!! I know that they are prolly high is fat and salt but I wasnt worried about it, I was more worried about my portions and getting my protein in. As most of you know I dont currently drink my protein shakes,  its hard for me to get that in on top of food, but I am working on it and I hope to get them in soon!
So with not doing protein shakes I would/will eat mainly protein.

I recently had to get a set of shots, the B1 shot and OMG they are painful! I had to get 4 of them 1 the day I went in && the rest 1 a week. The pain doesn't get easier.  Now what can happen if your B1 is low, is very scary, it can throw you in to CHF ( Congestive Heart Failure) && it could also determinate the muscles in the front of your legs and arms and you wouldn't be able to pick up your feet or hands ( from thee docs mouth)!! We normally get our B1 in our breads & grains, the B1 is the outer crust on  the grain, so with not being able to eat grains I never got it. I am currently taking a B1 vitamin until I'm more normally.

I will stop there and save the rest for another post!


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