Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Week post op Update & more

Hey everyone, I am about 5 weeks out and so far it has been ok. I have been having some bowel issues and tons of nausea in the morning. So I had a doctors appointment yesterday and he told me that it could be that I am very constipated and ordered that I take Milk of Magnesia  Yesterday and today then stool softeners every day. I go back to see him in about a month to make sure that is being taken care of.

I am sadly going to have to get the B-12 injection the pill makes me sick :( Other then that I am doing good. I love being able to eat and have more variety in my diet. I do eat a lot of lettuce wraps they are the simplest to make. I eat a lot of meat during the say, turkey pepperonis, low sodium turkey lunch meat, turkey bacon (low sodium) I bough some wings and use the toaster over and cook me up 1 and it fills me right up!

I have to say it is weird  knowing that if I don't finish something  and no one in the house like it, it could go to waste. So my mom and I were talking and we are thinking about getting a vacuum sealer or the ziplocks that you can suck the air out of. So if I make a stir fry I can portion them  and put them in a vacuum seal bag and freeze the, so if i want it again I can just open the bag take out a portion and vacuum seal and put it back in the freezer. I am so excited about it!! Good way to save money.

Weight loss stats:
Highest weight: 250lbs
Surgery Day: 243lbs
Current: 216lbs
Total loss: 34lbs

Monday, March 19, 2012

1 month!!(2 days early)

So Wednesday is my 1 month post op! I am super excited to start making meals. I have tons of new ideas and recipes, that I can't wait to share!!! So far eating has been ok, as my 1 month started to approach it got easier to eat. Supplements are  another story, I haven't been taking mine ( i know shame on me) but a lot of things with flavors have been upsetting my stomach. So now that I am 1 month it is my goal to take most/ all of my supplements. I haven't been doing my shakes either, but I get dehydrated very easily and want to make sure I get my H2o  in and I make my shakes with almond milk.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND SKIPPING SUPPLEMENTS & PROTEIN SHAKES!!!

So today,  I ate 2oz of chicken ( I snagged it from my mom), and it is sitting very well in my tiny tum! I think the hardest part is not drinking while I eat or after. I want to wash it down so badly but I wait the 30 minutes, or close to it.
My weight loss is pretty on track, I will be weighing in tomorrow!!

I will post some new recipes really soon!!
Congrats to those who just has surgery and to those who just celebrated a Surgversary !

Saturday, March 10, 2012

2 week post op photos

Here are my 2 week post-op photos. I do want to let you know that I am wearing a different bra in the 2 week. The sports bra I am wearing is too small. My "girls" havent really  gone any where .. yet  :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NSV & Motivation

I have been thinking about what I want my NSV to be. I came to the conclusion that the one thing I would like is to be able to wear a cute bathing suit. Last summer we said that would be my last "fat" bathing suit... I wore it once all summer. It was ok looking but not want I wanted. So it is official, my NSV is to wear a cute bathing suit! So my mission this week is to look for one I would like! I'm not sure if I want a bikini or a tankini. So we will have to wait and see!

Motivation is one of the biggest things for me. There are some many WLS graduates out there that are a huge inspiration to me. I follow their youtube, facebook & blogs, just to learn more and as much as I can. I look at motivational pictures and it helps me when I feel like giving up. I think the one quote I stumbled upon was this.

"When you feel like giving up on recovery,remember why you've held on for so long!"

Some have asked why would that apply its about recovery & addiction, and the simple answer is that food is an addiction. Most who get WLS are addicted to food and that how we got ourselves into the mess we created with our bodies. So we are in recovery and our band,gastric bypass, & sleeve are our tools to help us recover and break that addiction.

So when you feel like you can't do look back on your journey and think about how far you have come and how close you are to the better you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2 Weeks Post -op & Group info

So im 2 weeks post op and feeling ok. Im still sore and tired. I do get spurts of energy through out the day, so I do get a happy medium. There isn't much to update I haven't weighted in yet,but I am super excited to come Monday.

Group info:

The support group website is up and running again. It is really simple to use and for those who aren't tech savvy I did provide codes that can be used on there. You will be able to put a custom background. There is a chat room and a video chat room. I have plans for some webinars using the Video chat room. I will ask some speakers at different stages to come and chat. The room is password protected and the password is provided on that page. I will also be asking some graduates to come and possible write an advice/Motivation section on the site.

The site is free, private and created just for you! Your spouse/significant other can join as well