About me

I've a self taught graphic designer. I have been doing them for about 8 years!  My blog will be about my weight loss journey. For years I have struggled with my weight, been made fun of and harassed over it. I've tried tons of diets and I would lose some weight then gain it back and then some. Everything got worse when I was 18, I hurt my back and became disabled and with that gained more weight and reached my heaviest, 250lbs! Since then my back has only gotten worse.   At my height  4'11 it very easy to become over weight! I finally asked my doctor about WLS and found I was eligible for it and had some hoops to go through. Well as of January I was officially approved to have my surgery and now the real journey begins!  

I want to share my journey and new life with others in hopes that my insight will help uplift others who may be experiencing WLS or are considering it.

I currently reside in Southern California and live with my parents. I feel truly blessed to have such love and support from my family and from my amazing boyfriend (4years strong). I have always had some self-confidence knowing what type of person I am but I have always lacked it when it came to the opposite sex and just my overall appearance.  I've had my ups and downs with weight loss attempts and this year I started taking a drastic look at my life, and came to the decision that I needed to be healthy for me and my family. I want to love myself more and have all the confidence that any "normal" person would have. 

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