Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Week post op Update & more

Hey everyone, I am about 5 weeks out and so far it has been ok. I have been having some bowel issues and tons of nausea in the morning. So I had a doctors appointment yesterday and he told me that it could be that I am very constipated and ordered that I take Milk of Magnesia  Yesterday and today then stool softeners every day. I go back to see him in about a month to make sure that is being taken care of.

I am sadly going to have to get the B-12 injection the pill makes me sick :( Other then that I am doing good. I love being able to eat and have more variety in my diet. I do eat a lot of lettuce wraps they are the simplest to make. I eat a lot of meat during the say, turkey pepperonis, low sodium turkey lunch meat, turkey bacon (low sodium) I bough some wings and use the toaster over and cook me up 1 and it fills me right up!

I have to say it is weird  knowing that if I don't finish something  and no one in the house like it, it could go to waste. So my mom and I were talking and we are thinking about getting a vacuum sealer or the ziplocks that you can suck the air out of. So if I make a stir fry I can portion them  and put them in a vacuum seal bag and freeze the, so if i want it again I can just open the bag take out a portion and vacuum seal and put it back in the freezer. I am so excited about it!! Good way to save money.

Weight loss stats:
Highest weight: 250lbs
Surgery Day: 243lbs
Current: 216lbs
Total loss: 34lbs

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