Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby steps

 Yesterday I was approved for WLS ( weight loss surgery). I spent weeks stressed about about not getting approved. I had those "what if "thoughts  much more than I should have and more than what I wanted. I freaked my self out so bad worrying that  every little thing would almost make me cry. When I went to see the surgeon we had to watch a video about people who had taken the big step and what  their lives are like, watching it almost made me cry. Not so much about their story but because I was worried I would not be able to get it since I did not lose the 10% as we were told to.

With my mom by my side we talked with Dr. Suh and about getting the band,  Since I am only 22 with no kids & I want them. He said the sleeve would be the best since they have found that about 15 years into wearing the band it tends to have to be taking out, or something goes sour with it & also my weight loss would not be all that much.  We kept talking about it and I agreed and am much happier with my decision.

I am still in shock about everything that it has not really sunk in. My 2nd cousin had WLS and she looks amazing! I looked at her b4 and after today and I realized that I am gonna get pretty small, which is new for me. I've always been thick and then when I hurt my back (2008 I was 18) I kept gaining wight. As my banner says this is all gonna be real and uncut, I have nothing to lose, just more weight :D

My starting stats.

Age: 21 (22  Feb 28th)
Height: 4'11
Weight: 250lbs
BMI: about 50

So I am taking my baby steps as my surgery date approaches. I cannot wait to to take this big step in my life and be a happier  HEALTHIER NEW ME!

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