Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 Days!AHHH

Well there is 2 days before my surgery! I am so excited and so ready to have it done! I am not as nervous as I thought I would be, I'm feeling GREAT! I think my only "worry" is the gas. I know that it causes a lot of pain, which I know I will have to walk and get rid of most of it.  I have been trying to walk around the house more to help with the walking in the hospital. As of yesterday I am on a new diet till tomorrow, I currently can't have red meat, pork or lettuce & come tomorrow I will be on an all liquid diet.

We have  everything planned for my hospital week, while I am gone my sister is gonna make my room surgery friendly. I have 2 dogs and they shed like crazy so she is going to vacuum my room really well and change my bedding to the new one I just bought to lessen the hair. I worry about it getting in my wounds. I know they will be "glued" shut but you never know & this is my 1st surgery so I am just being cautious.

Today we are gonna celebrate my 22nd birthday. My mom normally makes me a dinner of my choice, which is always sea food ( Shrimp, Scallops) Since I cant't have pasta we are not gonna make it and use sliced up carrots, broccoli and red pepers (i think) and make that like a salad, we got me a jello with some cream in it and we are calling is Cake. Then on my actual birthday (Feb 28th) my mom is going to make Menudo ( its a Mexican soup, with tripe & corn) Since I will be on liquids I will have the broth & the rest of my family will eat it as normal.

There isn't anything new besides the diet change and how close it is. So this entry will be short but I will have a V-log up tomorrow or later today! The day of surgery I will have a 2 posts, one will before and one will be from after. I may do a video while in the hospital but I am not sure yet.


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