Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Friday

Crazy weekly closure & some extras..

The past 2 weeks have been crazy, I haven't had anytime to sit and blog. The week has finally came to a close and that means time to sit relax and prepare for the upcoming week and surgery.My surgery date is approaching so quickly. I'm doing really well with my all protein diet. I had one slip up forgetting that a burrito I liked had potatoes in it, I still only ate the inside so it wasn't as bad.  Right now tuna, chicken, have been my best friends. I have found ways to even eat out, for right now.  Today I went to Del Taco and got their macho combo burrito, which is ground beef, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, & some sauce I scrapped the inside on to a place and got a bean and cheese cup and  that was my meal. A few days ago we had Wendy's I got their BLT Cobb (full size) with a dry grilled chicken sandwich and add the chicken to the salad and it was really tasty and I didn't even half I was full. I tried Carl's JR chicken salad and it was awful and there was no meat in it. The other were protein packed and tasty. We don't really eat ou, it mainly happens when we have a trip for doc appointments, we are never sure on how long it will take us and I haven't found something that I can take with me that will keep for a while. I have lost weight even with the eating out. The 1st week of this diet I lost about 8LBS I haven't weight my self yet.

Monday (Feb 6) I have a support group meeting, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  I think not knowing how they are and then the sterep types on the t.v. makes me not want to go but I have to. I think in the end I will be glad I did. Maybe meets some people.  is my baby right now. I have things planned for it even with the rude remarks some WLSer have messaged me about it.
I have some  goodies for giveaways in the works!!

Any who, I want to say congrats to those who just had surgery and to those who are about to! Please know that I am here to support all of you!

Night Bloggers

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