Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1 week post op Surgery info

I have gotten tons of questions about my surgery and what to expect. I got the Gastric sleeve Feb. 21 2012.

The day before:

The day before surgery was an all liquid diet. I could have creamed soups, which is what I ate all day. I had to drink Magnesium Citrate. So I had lots of restroom time. At Midnight I was not allowed to eat or drink anything. The magnesium taste like .. well shit. I had a lemon flavored one and it tasted like a bubbly house cleaner. I took big gulps of it to get it down. It started working within about an hour. Before bed I had to take a shower with antibacterial soap. I made sure to scrub my tummy pretty well to make sure it was clean.

Day of surgery 

The morning of surgery I had to take a shower with antibacterial soap again. I dressed in some PJ's and slippers and headed to the hospital. When we arrive to the hospital we had to pay our co-pay and then it was the waiting game. Once I was called back they had me sign papers and verify information. The RN  had me change into a gown and socks. When I did I had to use a special wipe that had a stronger soap on it. They gave me 1 wipe for each are, leg, tummy and back. After I got into bed they put my IV in with some medicine to help my tummy. Then allowed my mom to come back and sit with me until I went to surgery. The anesthesiologist came back and asked a few questions and told me they could give me some medicne that would help my nerves, so I asked for it. They wheeled me into the hall and gave me my " I don't care medicine"  It started working pretty fast. As they wheeled me into the room the other doctor introduced himself and asked to verify my name and birth day. After which he put a mask on me and told me to take a deep breath, I remember taking about 3 and it was lights out.

Waking Up:

As I started to come to the RN would ask about my pain level and to scale it (1-10) I remember telling her each time it was a 9.  I had a button to push to give me pain meds but  I don't remember a whole lot. When I was more awake they allowed 1 person to come back and my mom was the 1st. I wanted to cry I was so happy to see her.  Then they allowed my dad back to see me. At the moment my room wasn't ready but they needed to head home because my dad had to work in the morning. They allowed me to make phone calls off my cell which I did. Come to find out I was slurring my words really bad.

About 20 minutes later I was being wheeled into my room. It was a private room. I pretty much slept. The Rn would come and check on me every few hours ask about my pain and if I felt sick.

Hospital stay:
My RN told me that being a sleeve patient I will get nauseated a lot and to let her know right away if I was.  My very first night I was not allowed to drink anything. The next morning the surgeon came in and told me I can have ice chips and checked my incisions.
He said if all goes will that the next day I would get more liquids and could possibly go home. About Midnight I did walk. I felt like my tummy was hanging and walking with a catheter was a little hard. So I took my time and only walked maybe 40 steps or so. I took it very slow. 

Ice Chips:

When I was given mu Ice chips I was told that I had to spoon them into my medicine cup and could only use 1 cup at a time. The reason is so they can measure how much I am getting.  I kept them down. Sadly I did puke 1 time.  I will admit it was a weird sensation when I they hit my tummy. I had lots of burps as well.

Last day:

The next morning the surgeon came in to check on me and said that I would be getting broth and juice, I got apple juice first and it tasted soooo yummy and went down so smooth. I had to wait till lunch for the rest of my items but I was ready to leave, so when it came I tried 2 medicine cups of each item and kept them down. I asked my nurse If I was able to go home since I felt fine and was in no pain. She said yes and unhooked my IV.

When I arrived home I took a shower and had some broth. Then went to bed. I still take it slow. I drink my broth from a cup, less air. I purchased a cup of noodle and just drink the broth it has 7 grams of protein. I drink 1 a day, 1 10oz protein shake and the rest of the time it's water. I do eat jell-o and Popsicle's.  

I hope this covers  everything :)

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  1. I'm glad everything has gone well! I felt the same way that you did about the magnesium! Housecleaner really does sum it up!!